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Carpe Diem was set up by Donna Jordan as a way to motivate people to get out of their comfort zone, step outside their normal routine and set themselves up for something they never thought they would do.


Donna has always been into sport and was an Alpine guide in the French Alps for 6 years. She then retrained as a Fitness coach and Personal Trainer but found going from the great outdoors to the gym very difficult and found the gym environment stale, stifling, boring and claustrophobic and decided to start a company which does nothing but outdoor fitness and events. The main core of the company is the bootcamps. They run in Nailsea at different times to suit everyone. But as you get fitter and you start to see what you can achieve - Carpe Diem gets you thinking about what else you might like to try and they offer a load of events for you to have a think about. You will find that when you commit yourself to something and then have that to aim for, then you REALLY see the results and the great thing is most of the events are for very worthy causes.


As well as running Carpe Diem, Donna is also a Royal Marine Cadet Instructor for Alpha Company based in Bristol and she has very strong ties with the Royal Marines Charity. She has raised very close to £45,000 for the trust in the past few years competing in the ROYAL MARINE COMMANDO CHALLENGE and a team of her bootcampers won 1st place at the RMCC in October 2013. In fact, if you wish to support the Royal Marines Charity in an event Donna has set up, go to and sign up.


Everybody has said at some stage or another "I'd love to do that!" or "I wish I could do that!"


Donna's question is, "Well - why can't you?!"


Nothing is beyond anyone, you just have to set your sights on it, commit yourself and go for it. The only thing standing in your way … yourself!


So why not take a look at what adventures Carpe Diem are up

to in 2019, it would be great to have YOU joining us!!





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