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Every Carpe Diem bootcamp has a maximum capacity of 24 people and there is a very good reason for this. We like to get to know our bootcampers. We don't want anyone fading into the back ground. If you want a push, we will push you. If you have asthma, we will be aware of it. We give a personal service in a bootcamp environment and that's why our numbers are low.


Donna and the whole Carpe Diem Crew are fully qualified Professionals and they are all on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and hold at least REPs level 3 in personal training. They are motivational, approachable and friendly and they will encourage you to fulfill whatever it is you want to achieve. So whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fit or train for an event, come along and let us help you to reach your goal.


You will need to fill in a form before you join us, this is just a health questionnaire used by any gym or fitness professional to ensure you are fit to train. It is valid for a year.  

No form - No training! Once completed please email it back to me at [email protected] . This form is valid for a year so fill it in and then forget about it. You will be informed when it is up for renewal.


The great thing is, bootcamp is suitable for all fitness levels as the exercises are progressed or regressed to suit everyone, whether you're an absolute beginner or training up for a marathon, everyone is welcome. Bootcamp runs for 45 mins and that includes warm up, high intensity exercise and cool down. You give your all for 30 minutes and you go home buzzing. The session starts with a warm up and a few stretches just to prepare the body for exercise, then you're put through a very structured program consisting of a mix of cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises guaranteed to get you into great shape. Every session is different and muscles are worked from a range of different angles to improve muscular balance and tone. Finally, a cool down and some developmental stretches to cut down on those aches you'll be getting over the next day or so .... you know .....the ones associated with a good workout! Say goodbye to boring old gym sessions where you work the same old routine every day and come to bootcamp where every session is different and you have no idea what you'll be doing until you show up on the day. There are also so many benefits to working in a group environment - it's social, you work out with friends, you spur each other on, you're more motivated and it's GREAT FUN!


There is nothing like working outside in the fresh air, whatever the weather, it's completely invigorating. Beautiful, bright, crisp autumn mornings or gloriously warm, sunshiny summer days - it's brilliant. Some of the best, most fun sessions we've had have been when it's pouring down and no matter how cold it is when you show up, you're certainly not cold for long! So choose when you want to train and we look forward to seeing you there.

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