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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?



What payment method can I use?



What time should I get there?



What should I wear?




What do I need to bring?



What is the average group size?



How long after giving birth can I start bootcamp?




What is the average age of your bootcampers?



How old do I have to be?



Am I fit enough?




Am I too overweight?




What is your average weight loss?









What if it's raining, will bootcamp still be running?

You can book onto bootcamp by filling in a Health questionnaire and paying by paypal or you contact Carpe Diem on 07905 362343 and book on a bootcamp that way.



You can pay by paypal, cheque (make cheques payable to "Carpe Diem Fitness Ltd") or cash.



You should try and get to bootcamp at least 5-10 minutes before the bootcamp is due to start.



Gym stuff, so trackie bottoms or shorts, t shirt, hoody if it's cold. Trainers - preferably trail trainers as sometimes it can get a bit wet and you may need the extra grip. you will get warm so wear stuff you can peel off when you get too hot. If it's cold out you will definitely need gloves.



Make sure you bring water - you will need it.



This depends on the time of year. There are usually at least 14 -16 people at bootcamp, even in the winter. In the summer these numbers do go up - but the maximum number on bootcamp is 24.


It depends on whether or not you've had a ceasarian. Generally, we recommend getting back into fitness gently after child birth as your abdominals are compromised. Usually 6 months is when we would expect you back but the exercises would be regressed for a while.



The average age of our bootcampers is 34 yrs old. We don't take anyone under the age of 16 years and we regularly have people in their mid to late 40's attend.


Minimum age is 16 years old.




Bootcamp works for ALL fitness levels. The exercises can be progressed or regressed depending on an individuals fitness and ability. One thing is for sure, week on week you'll be getting fitter.




Of course not. You go at your own pace. As soon as you start exercising you will lose the weight. All the exercises can be made to suit every individuals ability. If weight loss is something you want to achieve, you're coming to the right place.



As with anything, you get out what you put in. The more you exercise and the healthier your diet, the more you are going to lose and the quicker you're going to get in shape. When you commit to the Early Morning Bootcamps and you come 3 times a week for 4 weeks, the results are phenomenal. One girl lost 4 1/2 inches off her waist and 9lbs in 4 weeks.  Regularly, 4 - 8lbs are lost across the board. Obviously the harder you work and the more you attend, the better the results.

Remember though, it's not all about weight loss. You will be burning the fat which results in trimmer, leaner bodies. So you may not lose weight, but you will have lost inches so it's very important to take measurements as well as using the scales. That way you get a more accurate guage for your results.



Of course, bootcamp will run whatever the weather. If it is lashing down, just bring a bin liner to cover your car seat on the way home, a change of clothes or bring waterproofs to throw on AFTER bootcamp. These will keep you warm as well as protecting the interior of your car.