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Skydiving, Flowriding & Base Jumping

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and fun activity for everyone. Wind speeds of up to 180mph support your whole body in mid air, allowing you to really fly!

...For when the beach is out of reach!

A destination for all budding surfers and board sport enthusiasts. At the heart of every venue is the waves, whether you surf, skate, wakeboard or even snowboard, the FlowRider is a great place to express your own unique flavour of riding. If you've never ridden before, no problem! Our Instructors and the soft Membrane Ride Surface make the FlowRider a great way to learn to ride in a safe and controlled environment.

The jump itself is just one part of a longer experience: Customers climb to the top of the famous Bodyflight wind tunnel tower via a ladder and can enjoy the beautiful views over Bedfordshire before making their way to the jump platform and getting ready to leap.

The entire time, from starting the climb to the roof of the tower to landing on the ground again participants are securely fastened to hand rails via a body harness giving you piece of mind so that you can relax. There is no need to attach yourself to a bungee cord and no need for a parachute.

Vertigo can be used as a simulated BASE jump, or even as a training tool for BASE exits.

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