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Health and Safety

Carpe Diem Fitness is committed to high standards of health & safety and common sense. It is our policy, as a company, to maintain high standards at all times and to encourage our staff to contribute to their own welfare and that of their colleagues. Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment places demands on everyone in the company but the resultant benefits are worth every bit of the effort.


Ensuring safety awareness, positive attitudes and continuous improvement in safety performance requires the commitment and active involvement of the Directors, employees and freelance staff of Carpe Diem fitness.


Our objectives are, so far as is reasonable, to avoid accidents, injuries, damage to property and to maintain strong relationships with the local community in which we operate. Conservation of the environment in which we operate is the central policy of our business and this ethos runs throughout everything we do.


The company will, in the conduct of its activities, and so far as is reasonably practicable:


Protect the health & safety of its employees, freelance staff and others that may be affected by its activities.


Limit adverse effects on the physical environment in which those activities are carried out.


Carpe Diem fitness recognises that the talents and energies of its employees and freelance staff are amongst its greatest assets and it has a responsibility to provide for their welfare. So far as is reasonably practical, Carpe Diem Fitness will:


Provide & maintain safe working environments that do not constitute risks to health and welfare.


Formulate standards that comply with relevant statutory requirements in respect of health, safety and the environment, as they affect employees, freelance staff, customers and the public.


Safeguard employees, and others, from foreseeable hazards with regard to health, safety or the environment in current processes and working systems.


Train employees to be aware of their own responsibilities in respect of health, safety & environmental matters, and to ensure they participate in the prevention of accidents. Also keep up a high level of activity training and induction with customers.


Without detracting from the contactors own legal responsibility, Carpe Diem Fitness will ensure that contractors are informed of relevant standards, have been trained in safety procedures, and are monitored for compliance.


Establish procedures for monitoring compliance with the safety standards and co-operate with authorities and technical organisations, and the rules and regulations of REPS to ensure policies are kept up to date.


Because of the nature of the Carpe Diem Fitness activities and to ensure customers maximum enjoyment the company respectfully advises customers to advise the company before taking part, of any illnesses, injuries, medication or reason why they should not participate. This may not prevent customers from taking part but ensures their maximum safety and valued participation.


Carpe Diem Fitness will ensure a policy of continuous improvement through training and coaching of all its employees and freelance staff takes place on an ongoing basis. The responsibility for establishing and maintaining policies on health and safety matters lies with the Directors of Carpe Diem Fitness.


All employees and freelance staff have a personal responsibility for observing safety policies, rules and procedures. They are encouraged to develop an interest and enthusiasm in health and safety issues relevant to our industry and our business.


Donna Jordan 12th June 2012



On behalf of

Carpe Diem Fitness Limited