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Royal Marine Commando Challenge

The Royal Marines Commando Challenge has been running (at least) annually since 1990 and has attracted almost 100,000 runners in that time and raised in excess of £2M for local and national good causes and charities. This is a long way from the humble beginnings when in 1990 100 ‘die hards’ entered the first ever event and raised £3,000. The event now regularly attracts 4,000 runners annually from all over the world and raises (at the two Challenges) over £400,000.


What's it all about?


The Royal Marines from their nearby Commando Training Centre still use this world famous Endurance training course on Woodbury Common near Exeter to train new recruits - and once a year in October they uniquely allow members of the public to find out first hand just what its like to take on such obstacles as "Peter's Pool", "The Sheep Dip" and the "Crocodile Pit" - whilst at the same time raising funds for our charities.   Why not see some of the 100's of photos in our Facebook page or play the clip on our Home page.


So - if you have GRIT and DETERMINATION and a terrific sense of humour and want to take on this famous training course then this is the charity event for you - and dont forget that 'getting down and dirty' is par for the course?


I have entered a team for the event for the past 7 years and in total we have raised over £10,000. The 4K event 2012 had quite a few of my bootcampers sign up for it and the job they did was amazing! Talk to them yourselves at bootcamp and get some really honest opinions. If you'd have told any one of them they would be doing this a year ago they would have thought you were nuts! The 4K team tackled EVERY obstacle, and the support and encouragement they gave to each other was completely overwhelming. The 10K Marine team - (they got to see the slave driver side of me!!!) - all from bootcamps, broke all previous Carpe Diem Crew records and finished 20th out of 170 teams. Another year on and in 2013 we finished in 1st PLACE!! :)


4K fun ...or 10K tough choose!

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