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As an exercise professional, who happens to know about health, exercise and nutrition, I have been approached for the 3rd time this year (in 9 days actually) by 3 different people, from 3 different companies,  all promising this AMAZING supplement product that will change my life and make me feel FANTASTIC and the health benefits are INCREDIBLE,  and would I endorse it on my website. My answer was the same to every one of them ...................... a very polite no thank you, I'm not interested ( in reality .....A RESOUNDING NO!!!) And the reasons are below:


#1 I would be struck off the REPS Register of Exercise Professionals for not adhering to the Ethical Code of Conduct. I, as a Personal Trainer, have an obligation to every single one of my clients to deliver a program of exercise and nutrition that will benefit them. I HAVE TO train my clients in a moral and ethical way. People come to me from ALL walks of life for loads of different reasons, to lose weight, train for an event, get fitter, tone up. As a professional, I know if I turned round to them and said "You need this product, it costs a fortune but it's worth every penny and you will benefit from it!" They would 100% believe me ....and buy it ...........AND that is both UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL and that is why I would be struck off the register.


#2 As much as I know about nutrition, I am in NO WAY qualified to tell people they need supplements!!!!! How on earth do I know they need supplements? IF you need supplements of some kind, you would have side effects, if I think someone needs supplements I would then refer them to their GP, dietician or Pharmacist. THESE are the ONLY people QUALIFIED to advise supplementation.


#3 HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF THESE THINGS!!!! Sadly, in this BACKWARD world, people seem to have the idea that, "WOW, that is SO expensive MUST be good for you!!" Not necessarily so I am afraid, it comes beautifully packaged with a happy clappy video of people living life to the full, and EVERYBODY wants the ideal. I am sorry to tell you, you can't buy that in a bottle matter how expensive it is.


4# Are you ill? Is there anything wrong with you? If you are answering no to these 2 questions ....why are you taking pills???


#5 Meal supplement shakes. Nutrition programs ARE NOT diets, Nutrition plans HAVE TO contain all 5 food groups (because they are ALL VITAL to the body for optimum performance) they MUST NEVER encourage meal replacements shakes (as this is not a sustainable nutrition format) Stay AWAY from meal replacements - it's a quick fix and you will lose weight ....... and then you will pile it all back on (and more)once you resume a normal eating pattern. JUST EAT CLEANLY AND NATURALLY!


#6 Just ask these people who are trying to sell you these products what they used to do for a living. If they were in the medical field, a dietician or a pharmacist, brilliant ....they may have an idea what they are actually talking about. I personally, wouldn't be putting ANY SORT OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS into my body on the recommendation of a former hairdresser, accountant, bank clerk or any other profession for that matter!!!! REALLY!!!! Just STOP and think about it for a minute .....but this after all, is just my opinion.


VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS - a little something you are probably unaware of!


Did you know you can actually OVERDOSE on vitamins?!!! Unbelievable isn't it .....but true!  I will keep this very simple. Vitamin B and Vitamin C are water soluble vitamins and you CANNOT overdose on these. These are water soluble and your body will take of them what it needs and any excess will be expelled in your urine. Brilliant!


Vitamin A (needed for vision), D (Bone growth and development & Calcium levels) , E (Protects the body against chemical damage (- free radicals)) and K (Important for blood clotting) on the other hand are FAT SOLUBLE vitamins and they are stored in your liver and fatty tissue. So if you have too much of these vitamins they are not expelled from your body and a condition called hypervitaminosis can occur.


Symptoms of vitamin A toxicity include:  Excessive skin dryness, peeling skin, hair loss, liver problems, skin discolouration, osteoporosis. You only need to be 5 times over your Vit A RDA for one of these symptoms to occur!


Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity include: Vomiting, Dehydration, Decreased Appetite, Irritability, Constipation, Fatigue, Muscle weakness don't need THAT on bootcamp!! :)


Symptoms of vitamin E toxicity include:  Blotchy skin, increased bleeding, increased triglycerides (higher LDL cholesterol levels) decreased production of thyroid levels, increased haemorrhaging from anti-coagulant meds (Warfarin)


Ironically, too much of a good thing is as bad as too little. On ALL packaging these days you have your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of all your food groups. FAT, PROTEIN, CARBS, VITAMINS AND MINERALS. If you eat a healthy diet all RDA's will be met easily! Although all micro nutrients can be obtained from animal sources, the BEST WAY to ensure  an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is to eat a wide range of fruit (2-4 portions) and Vegetables (3-5 portions) on a daily basis. Vitamin deficiency in developed countries is rare and yet vitamin pills are consumed to ensure sufficiency, but for the vast majority of people, this is a waste of time and money. If you are deficient in something you will have side effects - if you're not broken ....why fix it!! :)

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