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A fantastic

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A fantastic way to start your day.

I was never really into exercise before I started Bootcamp so as you can imagine I was slightly apprehensive on my first day. That was back in July 2011 and I have been to every month possible since, childcare permitting. You couldn't wish for a nicer instructor who's positive attitude to life rubs off on everyone there, come rain or shine Donna is there encouraging us all pushing us to do our best. To say I enjoy these sessions is an understatement and I would highly recommend anyone at any fitness level to give it a go, mine when I started was very minimal and I have been surprised at how my fitness has improved and that I can actually run which I never thought I'd be able to do. The massive cherry on the cake is the weight loss, being able to fit into those jeans you have kept in the back of the wardrobe on the pretext that "I will slim into these one day" is the best feeling in the world.

By Karen-Jade at 10:00 on 10/01/13

 Such a great achievement!




Me and fitness couldn't have been further from each other! I'd been quite ill with depression and became the heaviest weight I'd ever been. My confidence low and I felt very lost!

Along came Donna with her bootcamps. Terrified doesn't come close to how I felt about starting bootcamp! "You can do it Louise" these words from Donna made me think perhaps I can?! Carpe Diem has changed my life! This sounds dramatic but that it is. Donna is professional, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, and inspires you completely to give it a go and stick to it and then enjoy it. Amazing!

Her early morning bootcamps are very refreshing. I was able to work at my own pace (very slow!) but managed to shed some weight and get my fitness up like never before. WOW!

In october 2012 eight of us took part in the 4K Royal Marine Commando Challenge. It was brilliant, such a great achievement for big old me! Couldn't have done this without Carpe Diem. I can't wait for more outside events and bootcamps. I'm even going indoor sky-diving in February!

Whatever your size or shape, Carpe Diem will help sort you out.

Thank you Donna and Carpe Diem.

By Louise - January 2013

I have tried numerous exercise classes and often found myself dragging myself to the class 'because I have paid' or 'because I feel I should' but with Carpe Diem Bootcamps I find myself scheduling my life around them to make sure I don't miss any - and if I do, I am gutted!!  l am completely addicted. Each one is totally different, one day you can be boxing, the next you can be working as a team competing in an obstacle course and the next, working alone to push yourself to your limit. You are rewarded with effort t-shirts when you try really hard and you are supported and encouraged through every step of every exercise. Come rain or shine you are greeted by name with a smile and 'how are you?' and you are always made to feel welcome. Carpe Diem Bootcamps have not only improved my fitness level and body shape, but also improved my mind, my confidence and my way of thinking. 'Seize the Day' and come along to Bootcamp. You won't regret it.


By sururi at 22:28 on 16/11/13



Six months ago I joined Carpe Diem Bootcamps, I had been trying various forms of exercise for two years in the hopes of losing my baby weight and getting myself fit all without success.  Today not only am I 21lbs lighter than I was, I am also fitter, more confident and have acquired a whole new group of friends!!  Previously I wasn't at all sure that I could run, jump or do any other kind of exercise, but with Donna's unwavering support and belief in my abilities (even when I didn't believe in them myself) has led to me, this weekend completing The Royal Marine Commando Challenge, with the a team from Carpe Diem!  Not only has Donna helped me to learn to love exercise, and its benefits, she has helped me to achieve things so far outside of my comfort zone you wouldn't believe it!

Donna, I felt like the 'fat friend',  the boring stay at home mum that wasn't going to do anything exciting or interesting, because I was too old, too unfit, too scared, too dull.  The support you have given me has done so much to help me to achieve the things I never thought possible, in the last two weeks I have run my first 5k, and done the Royal Marine Commando Challenge.....I still can't believe it and I'm having a little weep writing this, because I can't convey to you how much you have given me or how grateful I am. Today was not only amazing because it was a personal achievement, but because I was part of an amazing team, something I haven't really experienced before and it was inspirational. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"I have achieved things so far outside my comfort zone you wouldn't believe!"